Handcrafted Elegance With A Touch Of Opulence

Jayne has always been a driving force behind the Impossimals over the years, often working with Peter on his latest collection be it design, stories or titles but Jayne is also an accomplished artist in her own right with a bewildering number of disciplines and the ability to turn her hand to almost anything creative. It was these skills she employed when she joined the ranks of the UK’s number one publisher Washington Green and their extensive network of galleries in 2014.

Working in the Impossimal HQ studio Jayne hand makes every element of her artwork. From the heavily textured backgrounds to the intricate models and ceramic additions formed using a wealth of household tools her artwork is uniquely identifiable taking inspiration from the British wildlife she so loves to watch combined with a love of interior design.

Again, like Peter, Jayne is a self taught artist spending the first twenty one years of her working life in account departments before becoming a full time professional artist and her thirst for knowledge knows no bounds; ceramic modelling and pattern creation, painting, sewing, needle felting, woodworking, wire work (silver and non precious), papermaking, calligraphy, automaton construction, willow weaving, Japanese book binding and even kiln formed glass are skills which have either been learnt or taught through membership of Art Societies and special artisan tutorials.

It’s difficult to single out any one of the creative projects that Jayne has completed over the years but apart from her latest pieces certainly one of the most ambitious was in 2012 with the creation of a complete interior design range taking a fresh look at stylish interior finishes mixed with a Scandinavian inspired design which became the exclusive ‘Foreverbunny’ range of interior art. Over a hundred finished products were created and sold making this small brand yet another successful niche that Jayne managed to capture.

Jayne’s artwork is becoming increasingly sought after by collectors as her creative wings unfurl and her artwork demands bigger audiences and events. In 2016 Jayne released her grandest collection yet with a series of originals simply called ‘Opulence’ some of which you will find on this page. The next few years will see an explosion in creativity as fabrics and metallics are added along with heavy textures to several new wildlife designs along with a new range of fairy tales imagined by Jayne..

If you are interested in any of Jaynes stunning artwork then please get in touch, alternatively visit Jaynes artist website for more images and details.

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