A Little Bit Of Blackpool Rock

There are certain watercolours I wish I had moved on to a full oil painting, quite often they are the overspill from a collection such as the one shown above that was initially created for the 'Peep Show' release.

It would have made a fantastic painting, the stage and the curtain background would have been painted in a photo realistic way and the splash of colour for the sticks of rock would have made it quite impactful. However it fell by the wayside because of the humour. We decided it was probably a little too near the limits for something on display in the high street.

We are not the first to have these types of reservations. The famous UK saucy seaside postcards, produced by Bamforths during the 50s-80s went through a similar process, the only difference was the artists who created them didn't censor their own work, instead, from 1951, they submitted them to the Blackpool Postcard Censorship Board, a formidable collection of a solicitor, bank manger, vicar and a boarding house landlady. At the first ever meeting over 500 pieces of saucy art was considered from two publishers, one of them had 20% rejected.

We have four original sketches and one original watercolour here at Impossimal HQ created by the top artists at Bamforths in the 60's, each has a stamp on the back from the Blackpool Censorship Board and only one has been approved. They were pretty strict  then but by the late 70's they were considerably softer in their censorship policies often allowing partial nudity.

So what we do is not new, but it makes the 'banned' ones possibly a little more sought after!

Photo above 'Show Us Your Rock' Watercolour / Peep Show Collection