Watch Out - It's The Shaker Maker!

Just when you thought it was safe for Christmas we will be dropping our second and latest collection for 2023 titled 'The Shaker Maker' on Friday 10th November!

We are immensely excited for this as it brings to a close five years of drink related Impossimals with a spin on classic Cluedo cards (it's the cards flipped upside down if you're wondering that I based the look on) to give you six popular cocktails all Impossimalised (is that a word? Probably, if Masterchef judges can use the word 'cookery' to describe cooking then I'm sure I can get away with it. Maybe I do paintery things? Or arty brushery? I'm rambling aren't I?)

So if you're out and about why not pop into your nearest Castle Galleries, full list on their website, to have a look, poke fun at, critique etc or you can use the magic of the Internet to view the full collection on this very site with full links to do a bit of purchasery (see what I did there?) if you so wish.

Oh, we still have a few calendars and bookmarks knocking around too if your looking for a cheap stocking filler or would like to tickle someone's funny bone this Christmas.

Either way, enjoy! And a big Impossimal hug for all the support again this year!

(The Shaker Maker is a rather amusing term to describe a professional cocktail maker as well as being a popular 70's childrens toy that involved weird rubber like chemicals to make flaccid character models in a plastic shaker and yes I did have one, and yes I was disappointed with the results as were 99.99% of all children that used it)