After such a rubbish year we aim to lighten the mood of the nation in 2021 with as much fun as we can pack into five perfect pieces of Impossimal madness!

Normal artists would describe the artistic angst of coming up with a collection; the working methods, tools used, insights into the processes but in our usual Impossimal way we find that a tad tame and can only describe the creative process as the equivalent of dropping a crate of assorted gins in the Great British Bake Off tent and allowing the contestants and judges to imbibe whilst baking commences. Give Pru a tickling stick and Paul Hollywood a balloon on a stick and send them to wander amongst the contestants tapping, tickling, drinking and punning their way through the show. Finally open the tent flaps and send in a few squirrels, seven sheep and a small dachshund called Colin.

And that's how we came up with this debacle of a collection!



Our special creation gives you a fantastic excuse to empty all your existing bottles of their contents whilst still have an exciting gin collection on display to impress friends, family and other drunken gin hoarders.

Perfect companion piece to Tipsy!

Image size: 36in x 12.5in
Framed size: 21in x 37in
Edition size: 295


Do it, doing it, done it, damn it, diet it. 
Rinse and repeat.

Image size: 14in x 30in
Framed size: 21in x 37in
Edition size: 295


Did I bake six cakes or only five? Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement, I've kinda lost track myself. But being as this is a . 44 whisk, the most powerful baking agitator in the world, and would whisk your head clean off, you've got to ask yourself one question: "Do I feel lucky?" Well, do ya, punk?"

Image size: 17.5in x 26in
Framed size: 24.5in x 33in
Edition size: 295


It's the Carry On of art; a double entendre with a bit of Phwoar! and Wayhey! Coupled with soggy biscuits, double dunking and chocolate fingers.

Image size: 20in x 20in
Framed size: 27.01in x 27in
Edition size: 295


Champagne Charlie's, Bubble Buddies, Fizz Friends, call it what you will to hide the fact that you are a lush. The ideal gift for a couple of Psstheads.

Image size: 15in x 27.99in
Framed size: 22.01in x 35in
Edition size: 295



A set of five hand-varnished canvas on boards that form the 'Jam & Jeroboam' collection.

Full of delectable depictions of sweet treats and favourite drinks, your mouth will drool while your eyes run with tears of laughter after exploring the wacky release. Probably.

Framed in a selection of bronze and pewter foiled pine frames, this set includes:

Dirty Dunkers | 27" x 27"/ 68 x 68cm
Do Or Diet | 21" x 37"/ 53 x 94cm
Gin-Toxicated | 43" x 19 1/2"/ 109 x 49cm
Brahms And Lizst| 22" x 35"/ 55 x 89cm
Go Ahead, Bake My Day | 24 1/2" x 33"/ 62 x 83cm

Edition size: 295


Our silly new video for entertainment purposes that may or may not waste 2 minutes of your time!