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Royal Flush Originals

Brandy Makes Me Randy Original Oil

Owning an original from any artist is the ultimate acquisition; you are getting a piece of the artists life along with the time and skill that went into it's creation and the journey that led them to this point. Sounds a bit dramatic doesn't it? But basically that's what it is - time, tears and skill in an attractive package. Getting something to a stage where it is desired and commands attention on a gallery wall is not an easy task which is why originals remain the ultimate collecting item when following an artists career.

I'm no Banksy or Picasso and I've no doubt that billionaires won't be fighting over my creations after my demise but the truth is, most originals are never seen and disappear into collections so we thought it would be arty and dramatic to launch an entire collection of originals and rare sketches out into the wilderness.

So if you want something REALLY SPECIAL to hang on your walls, caress in a corner or canoodle in a canoe then let us flash you with our Royal Flush - the best Impossimals money can buy!
Dead Posh Original Oil
The Pour Relations Original Oil


Our creations start right here, a full working sketch of the idea that then goes on to become an oil sketch, followed by the final oil. We don't release these very often as they are taken directly from our personal sketchbooks and full of additional notes, jokes and details so if you want the mind of the Impossimal then you will find them all skilfully crammed into these sketches!

The Pour Relations Working Sketch
Brandy Makes Me Randy Working Sketch
Dead Posh Working Sketch
Porn Star Super Star Working Sketch
Spritz Personality Working Sketch
Rum Bums Working Sketch
Too Hot To Handle Working Sketch
Coladeral Damage Working Sketch
Bean There Done That Working Sketch
Porn To Be Wild Working Sketch
Minted Working Sketch
Rim Job Working Sketch


Originals leave the studio in batches, primarily when we finish a new collection and the whole lot, the originals to be published and the extra pieces, end up at the publisher. These are then allocated galleries and online slots to be put forward for sale, you can of course jump the queue a little bit by popping your name on a waiting list and this way you will get first dibs on any new work but pinning down originals can be an art in itself. 

This lovely pair was two pieces that we couldn't fit in to 'The Shaker Maker' collection due to publishing lead times, both are available along with others from our latest collection,

Rum Bums Original Oil
Coladeral Damage Original Oil