Eccentricus Britannicus is a riotous ride for any fan of humorous art wait a grown-up foray into the afterhours world of racy Victoriana combined with the trademark Impossimal twist. Seven delectable editions for you to discover, collect and enjoy as the skewed minds of Peter and Jayne Smith unwind with a collection like no other. In galleries and online now!

'Your idea will change the future' - Doctor Whohoo
Become the author of your own destiny with the chance to bend time and create your perfect Crapcomicon world.
Doctor Whohoo and the Planet Of Crapcomicon Give us a character and we will 'Crapcomicon' them for you and paint them into the Dr Woohoo scene!

Eccentric Boutique Remarqued Edition With Hand Painted Crazy Creation
Edition of 95

Electricity, singed eyebrows and an enthusiastic young doctor nicknamed Whoohoo are the main ingredients of this intergalactic tale. After landing in a space-tacular land Doctor Woohoo discovers he has landed on the planet ‘Crapcomicon’, where “crap cosplay comes to die”.

For this exclusive eccentric remarqued edition, Peter will personally design, create and hand-paint a strange and amusing version of your chosen character into the piece. 
Think of it as your own unique, rebellious art vandalism – be inventive, be creative, let it be who you want it to be. May the Crapcomicon be with you!


Six over the top editions with six tall tales to astound and amaze

The Sherlock Sidewinders Final Problem
Titanicus Giganticus Britannicus
Pankhurst's Portable Punch Him Judy Booth
The Freakishly Fiendish Fright Scream Man
Quintessentially Quaint Queen Of Ices
The British Empires Tenpenny Britannisaurus Rex