'Well I never! These are more twisty than the twistier bits in Oliver Twist!'
Charles Dickens, London, 1836


Released between 2012-2013 the Lost Impossimals pull together crazy creations and storytelling using true historical facts twisted with a riotous imaginative story in the style of Victorian adventure. Add a splash of Dali, British humour and an eye for the unusual and you get a maniacal mix of the strange and wonderful. Originally based upon the exploits of a fictitious Victorian explorer called Charles Burroughs it has now expanded to include exploits of many famous and infamous individuals.

Explore the weird and wacky world of Lost Impossimals!
The Rampant Jekylled Whatabanker Limited Edition 150
Crystal Tipped Unicone Limited Edition 150
High Tea Hee Haw Limited Edition 150
Gazing Groogablue Original Only
Plucky Pouting Picnic-a-maid of Plumbton Abbey Original only
Dr Frankenspine And His Laboratory Of Monstaculars Original Only
Agatha’s Watson Wriggler Limited Edition 150
The Knitted Growler Limited Edition 150
Tuppenny Pennysaurus Boutique Edition of 95
Slurping Sipper Slosher Original Only
Abigails Disco Tailed Peruvian Party Python Original Only
Mysterious Count Carpathian Von Porl Limited Edition 150
The Cantering Caketacular Queen of Bakes Limited Edition 150
Lady Pompidoos French Fancy Filly Limited Edition 150
Barnums Barbending Ringling Clipperwhip Limited Edition 150
Menacing Moriarty Marauder Limited Edition 150
Mend and Make Munching Moog Original Only
The Flamboyant Wriggling Wonky Wonder Limited Edition 150
Bored Tiddlyrockers Original Only
Zanbar Limited Edition 150
Squirly Tailed Pendulum Panda Original Only
Edisons Sherlock Sidewinder Limited Edition 150