Taking the Victorian trend of creating animated objects we have blended it with inspiration from the Garbage Pail Kids in the 80's, Wacky Packages in the 70's, MAD magazine artists Al Jaffee, Sergio Aragones and Don Martin then added a dash of UK supremo Ken Reid to finally top it off with a slice of parody pop culture to give you an unmissable treat.
Twenty five unrepeatable and unique collectable creations to find
The Freaky Funnelled Frighthouse
Toms Taunting Temperance Teaser
The Hurty Dirty Dust Devil
Hairy Scary Poppins
Craptain Kirk And Shatner Pants
The Rampant Hulk-A-Pooh
The Dastardly Devious Dandelion Dandy
Chronic The Hedgehog
Drac-U-Bra Has Risen From The Grave
Dirty Harry Potter
Superspam - You Will Believe A Can, Can Fry
Satan’s Sausage Snowball Snowman Smasher
The One Legged iLoud
The Burping Burly Bagpiping Behemoth
Paddington Chair
Downbeat Street And The Terrible Tantrum At Ten
Rupert The Pear
The Pickled Gherkin
The Sneering Smashing Shard
Mickey Mousetrap
The Terrible Trumping Teapot
Frankenfrothy The Monster Coffee
Blob Dylan