The Rampant Jekylled Whatabanker Sculpture

The Rampant Jekylled Whatabanker Sculpture

An overly curious banker takes a swig of a bottle left in an old safety deposit box and turns into a giant sweet-guzzling beast in this Victorian tale. Taking London hostage, he climbs Big Ben before being injected with an antidote by a mysterious stranger - who is later unmasked as Robert Louis Stevenson, the author of The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde!

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Hand Painted
Sculpture size: 8.66in x 19.69in x 10.24in
Worldwide Edition size: 150
The Rampant Jekylled Whatabanker Limited Edition 150


A very Rare chance to own the sell out International limited edition print from the original Bloodlines collection of 2013 to complete your Lost Impossimal collection


Image size: 16.25in x 26.00in