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Welcome to the official site of Peter & Jayne Smith, the award winning international contemporary artists with one of the UK's most collectable artwork; the famous striped characters called the Impossimals® along with the surreal Lost Impossimals™ / Eccentricus Britannicus™ and the delightful Lost Alice™

Pick'n'Mix any room, any style!

Go with themes or colours and make any way, your way!

Join us as we celebrate 15 years of the Impossimals with the release of our most requested (and biggest!) limited edition collection to date; a release that allows you to curate your own perfect Impossimal collection in every imaginable way possible!

Big or small, long or wide, up way or down way, any way will be your way. With over a 1,000,000 different ways to hang the entire collection you'll never get bored banging in new nails to try something different! (probably)

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Castle Galleries Official Release Video!

Our trippy 'Pick'n'Mix' release video to get you in the mood for a cavalcade of Impossimal goodness coming your way!