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Welcome to the official site of Peter & Jayne Smith, the award winning international contemporary artists with one of the UK's most collectable artwork; the famous striped characters called the Impossimals® along with the surreal Lost Impossimals™ / Eccentricus Britannicus™ and the delightful Lost Alice™

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Roll up! Roll up!
Witness the wild and risqué art of titillation!

Seven sinful Impossimal scenes of dubious debauchery from Peter and Jayne, the eccentric Impossimal brush strokers of the peculiar!

Peter donned his burlesque headdress, attached the nipple tassels and gyrated his hips into action to create a peep inside the Impossimal underworld. Absolutely no skill was wasted or indeed used to create the seven pieces. Hanging from a ceiling fan in suspenders helped the long brushstrokes needed for ‘Jolly Wonkers’ whilst strapping himself to a vibrating chair gave the wobbly intricate scrawls needed for ‘Bar Arsed Cheek’

The resulting, uncensored mess became ‘Peep Show’ - a wonderous collection to behold!