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Lost Alice

Alice's Adventures In Wonderland, probably one of the most imaginatively creative popular books of our time celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2015, A cornerstone of children's literature and the inspiration for a thousand more it has no equal. A book full of humour, puzzling situations, lateral thinking, mathematics and wordplay enshrined in a wondrous world of surrealism and symbolism alike.


It was October 2014 when we decided to pay respects to Alice and of course Wonderland by creating an entirely new collection of work based around both the Wonderland books. It wasn't going to be any Alice though, that would be far too easy, instead it had to have a life of its own containing both familiar elements enjoyed by all but also enough twists and turns to allow it to stand on its own two feet and so was born 'Lost Alice' and amalgam of Lost Impossimals combined with favourite childhood reads all placed in the imaginarium that is Wonderland.

The collection was accompanied by a commemorative brochure featuring four chapters from our Lost Alice book.


A Place Of Uncommon Nonsense Limited Edition 150
We're All Quite Mad Here Limited Edition 150
Tweedle Do And Tweedle Don't Limited Edition 150
A Most Curious Way To Wonderland Limited Edition 150
Mirror, Mirror On The Wall Who's The Fairest... Limited Edition 150
Tea For Two And Two For Tea Limited Edition 150
All This Over A Pair Of Shoes Limited Edition 250

Whether door or glass that Alice shall pass,

a nonsense will always follow,

years ago she left a remarkable place

leaving behind her sorrow.


A cry for help has reached her ears

but Alice ignores the plea,

Until she is also half of nine

and twice the sum of three.


Can Alice make a land cast asunder

once again a place of madness and wonder?

Can Alice, be Alice it’s been so long?

Or has Alice been Alice all along?


Thrice a question with naught an answer,

maybe it's time